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Pic of the Week

Our “Picture of the Week” is from Leslie Hirst:

This is part of my Artist’s Book 4our: Reflections on Quaternaries, volume 4: GROW.

Magnesium plates were created from hand-set lead type and from my handwriting. The composition follows the flow and growth patterns of the plants featured in the book.

The design for this Artist’s Book was inspired by 18th century herbarium specimen books. This four-volume boxed edition is hand-inked, printed and bound in an edition of four.

The books are housed in a custom box with embossed spines that are also printed from magnesium plates from OWOSSO.

More images are available on my website at (select Portfolio: Artist’s Books)

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Pic of the Week


Our “Picture of the Week” is from Mod Notebooks.

At Mod Notebooks, we use OWOSSO magnesium debossing dies to create our small batch, hand pressed, notebook orders. The dies are raised & mounted on a wooden base, and we work with OWOSSO to make sure the size of the die is appropriate for our notebook covers.

How our small batch process works is that we cover our debosser with the dies that allows us to partner with companies (large and small) who want a few or a few dozen notebooks.

Debosser Pic

Pic of the Week

We have a unique “Pic of the Week”! Dexterity Press took a die that OWOSSO
made and mounted it to a skateboard deck. It was sold at a benefit in
Dubuque, IA with all of the proceeds going to the construction of a skate
park. Pretty “sick” as they say in the skateboard world!


2017 Holiday Schedule

We are closed on the following days to enjoy the holidays with our family & friends:


New Year’s, January 2nd

Memorial Day, May 29th

Independence Day, July 4th

Labor Day, September 4th

Thanksgiving, November 23rd & 24th

Christmas, December 25th


New Year’s Day, January 1st

Foil and Embossing Engravings

Selecting and ordering foil stamping and/or embossing engravings may be one of the more routine portions of a job, but there still are many questions that must be answered to make sure everything runs properly. InsideFinishing called upon several experts in the field of engraving to answer commonly asked questions on the subject.

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