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Custom Dies for Social Printers

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a cost-effective, eye-catching form of heat transfer printing. Using a heated metal die, color pigments are stamped onto paper and other substrates. It is truly a value-added process. The cost of adding a color with foil stamping is often less expensive than adding an additional color in ink. To add a decorative touch to letterhead, envelopes, book covers, plastic, vinyl or other substrates, foil stamping is the way to go!

Foil stamping is also a more environmentally friendly technique because it is a dry process. In other words, there are no solvents, inks, or vapors associated with the process. Foil stamped paper is also recyclable.

Order your custom foil stamping die and add a reflective surface to a napkin or invitation as an easy way to catch the eye of someone and make your products stand out among the rest.

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OWOSSO Graphics produces brass, copper & magnesium dies to create the perfect embossing die for any type of stationary. Whether it’s invitations, thank you cards, or announcements, OWOSSO will create the perfect, most precise die for your embossing needs.

There are a variety of options for embossing dies, including blind embossing, registered embossing and combination embossing.

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Debossing is the same as embossing, only instead of raising an image, the graphic is pressed into the material. OWOSSO can make a paper debossing die with or without a counter die.

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Letterpress Printing

Order custom copper or magnesium dies for all of your letterpress printing dies. Letterpress printing is a skilled craft and requires quality dies and attention to detail. Make a lasting impression with the use of OWOSSO’s letterpress printing dies to create promotional products, including:

  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Invitations
  • And More!

We use state-of-art technology to produce “old school” letterpress dies. Order by 10am EST and the die will ship the next business day.

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