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Letterpress Printing Plates


Common Uses of Various Metal Gauges:

  • 16 gauge (.064″) unmounted for hot stamping, debossing, printing, rubber stamp masters, pantograph masters, and letterpress printing
  • Eighty thousandths (.080″) unmounted for hot stamping, rubber stamp masters
  • 11 pt. (.153″) unmounted for foil stamping, debossing, embossing, and rubber stamp masters
  • 1/4 Inch (.250″) unmounted for foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and rubber stamp masters
  • 3/8 inch (.375″) unmounted for leather debossing
  • ¼ inch (.250″) magnesium mounted, type high (.918″) for foil stamping, debossing, or embossing with heat
  • 16 gauge (.064″) or 11 pt. (.153″) mounted on wood, type-high (.918″) for debossing, letterpress printing, crash imprinting, or embossing