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Embossing Copper

OWOSSO produces high quality dies for special decorative effects like embossing with next day production on nearly 100 percent of orders.

OWOSSO also produces brass dies for sculptured embossing and combination foil stamping. Embossing with brass dies can give the customer the ability to create images that range from simple flat stamping foil images to multi-level, sculptured designs.

Type of dies available:

  • Magnesium
    • 16 Gauge (.064″)
    • 11 Point (.153″)
    • 1/4″ (.250″)
  • Copper
    • 1/4″ (.250″)
  • male/female precision sets
  • counter dies (available in magnesium and fiberglass)

Embossing with Copper Dies

When your embossing job requires a more durable metal or you have a longer press run, copper is a good choice. Dies can be produced on ¼ inch copper as single dies, or with a fiberglass counter die.

No single factor can be used to make the decision whether to choose copper, magnesium or brass for your embossing dies. Instead, several factors should all be taken into consideration including surface area pressure, the type of artwork design, the length of your press run, and the material being used.

For more details on this decision process visit Tech Tips or contact OWOSSO by phone at 1-800-444-5552 (989-725-7112 International) or by e-mail at to discuss your specific embossing needs.