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About Flexo Plates

The process was originally called aniline printing because of the aniline dye inks that were first used in the process. Coarse surfaces such as corrugated board and stretchy films can economically be printed only with this process. Flexography leaped into prominence with the introduction of cellophane as a packaging material.

OWOSSO currently offers Flexo Plates in thicknesses of .045, .067 & .107.

Maximum plate size: 48” x 78”

Turn-around Time

  • Orders received by 10am EST ship the next day
  • $75 Rush charge for same day shipment


  • $.63 per square inch (add 1 1/2″ in both directions beyond image when figuring plate size, round up to nearest square inch AND round up to nearest whole dollar)
    $6.00/plate for Sticky Back
    $75.00/hour Artwork Charge if required, 15 minute Minimum
    $30.00 minimum order