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Thermal Kiss-Cutting

Thermal Kiss-Cutting Dies

Thermal Kiss-Cutting Dies

OWOSSO was one of the innovators of thermal dies and we’re still on the cutting edge! When it comes to dies for cutting pressure-sensitive materials, thermal dies from OWOSSO mean precision cutting lines and fast turnaround. We can control the etching depth and shoulder for your specific requirements.

Thermal kiss-cutting offers the graphic arts industry an endless list of creative opportunities. Easy-to-use and very versatile, the vinyls that thermal dies can cut have a wide range of applications from boat detailing to self-adhesive stickers to fleet graphics.

You’ll find a complete overview of magnesium thermal dies for cutting pressure-sensitive vinyls in our Tech Tips section. A key issue to remember is that heat (the thermal part of your die) expands all metals–including magnesium. Our Magnesium Die Expansion Formula will help, especially with critical registration.

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