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Howard Imprinting

Howard Imprinting

Howard Imprinting

OWOSSO can provide home hobbyists, scrapbookers, and small business owners with custom dies that fit the table top hot stamping machines from Howard Imprinting Machine Company, of Tampa, Florida. Personal stamping machines from Howard are a good solution for customers looking to produce materials in very limited quantities or those who wish to do in-house imprinting.

The following links highlight some important things to remember when you are ordering from OWOSSO:

Place Order

To order hot stamping dies from OWOSSO for your Howard machine you need to provide us with specifics such as image size, Howard machine model number, type holder number, shipping, and payment information. You’ll find a Howard Imprinting order form in our on-line ordering drop down menu. Call us at 1-800-444-5552 or e-mail us at if you have any order form questions!

OWOSSO’s Artwork Specifications and Electronic Ordering Process

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about preparing your files to send to OWOSSO. Included are some tips on artwork preparation, setting type, scanning files, which can save you both money and time. Again, please call or e-mail us at OWOSSO if you have any questions about this part of the process!

To learn more about Howard Imprinting visit their company’s website: