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Custom Dies for Promotional Products


For debossing on leather or vinyl we provide three magnesium thicknesses for dies:

  • 11 point (.153”)
  • ¼” (.250”)
  • ⅜” (.375”). The extra deep etch on ⅜” dies allows for material clearance and prevents the die from scorching the material.

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Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a great option to add some pizazz to your promotional product–whether it be hair combs, calendars, or frisbees. Foil stamping is cost-effective, and a notable form of heat transfer printing. Using a heated metal die, metallic foil is stamped onto various products. Foil stamping is a more economical choice than adding colors through ink.

Additionally, foil stamping is eco-friendly due to its dry process. No solvents, inks, or vapors are involved in the foil stamping process. Consider foil stamping for your brand’s products. Contact OWOSSO to speak with one of our Customer Service Specialist.

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