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Copper Intaglio Printing

Intaglio Printing Uses

Historically, intaglio printing is most commonly used for creating paper and plastic currency, banknotes, passports and postage stamps. However, intaglio printing is also used for more common applications, such as wedding invitations, stationery and business cards.

Another common application of intaglio printing is photogravure, which is a process where a copper plate is coated with a tissue and then etched, producing a high-quality intaglio print of a photograph.

Intaglio Printing Process

With intaglio printing, the image to be printed is recessed into the surface of the printing plate and the recessed areas are carefully filled with ink and cleaned to avoid any ink on the plate itself.

Finally, heavy pressure is applied to transfer the ink from the plates to the paper. This leaves the surface slightly raised and the back side slightly indented. Intaglio dies are made on 16 gauge copper.

Ordering Information

Before ordering dies, take into consideration the following factors that will affect your production process and final product:

  • Surface Area Pressure
  • Artwork Designs
  • Length of Press Run
  • Type of Substrate
  • Handling and Maintenance

Contact OWOSSO with the above details, and we will help you decide which products are best for your situation. Prices vary based on die size, metal choice and necessary turnaround.