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Fabric Embossing

Fabric Embossing

Fabric Embossing Dies

Fabric embossing can be used to create unique patterns or designs on all types of clothing and accessories such as hats, bags and many other fabric promotional items. Fabric dies are produced on ¼” inch magnesium.

What are the fabric embossing artwork guidelines and recommendations?

Don’t forget that what you see on paper looks very different when “translated” onto fabric. Images that are black will be pressed into the fabric. Images that are white will be “puffed” up on the fabric. Depending on the outcome you wish to achieve, OWOSSO can reverse the artwork for you. Based on your artwork, just let us know if you want the white or black areas puffed up on the fabric.

Artwork Quality:

When creating artwork, keep in mind that bolder lines and open detail emboss best. Fine, closed detail and small images don’t allow enough space for the fabric to be pressed or puffed, and limit the overall embossing height. Bold, open designs can be more easily recognized on the finished product. Try to avoid serifs on type. To achieve maximum embossing height, keep your line sizes at least 1/8 inch.


Borders are necessary to give definition to your overall design. Borders can be separate, enclose the artwork, or be part of the design as an outline or contour style. (See below.) If you have questions about borders, please give us a call.

Owosso Fabric Embossing Guidelines