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Pic of the Week

Our “Pic of the Week” is from Bookmobile.

Bookmobile printed and bound The Gentlemanly Rabbits, by the artist Candace Jean.

The artist successfully raised $5,815 on Kickstarter to design and publish her book. As she wrote in her Kickstarter story, she “selected a book bindery within the U.S. that has an impressive gallery of past projects, and we’ve discussed my vision in great detail.”

Project Details

Publisher: Candace Jean

Pages: 94 pages, 8″ x 10″

Text Printing: 4-color insert printing throughout on 80-lb. matte-coated white stock at 510 PPI

Binding: PUR bound and cased in, pearl linen jet black case with a front cover gold foil stamp, and lumina sandstone gold endsheets

Printer: Bookmobile




Twitter: @BookmobilePrint


Metalphoto® — What Is It?

Metalphoto® — What Is It?

Developed in 1950, Metalphoto® is a photosensitive, anodized aluminum. Metalphoto® is durable in even the harshest environment, because the image is sealed inside of the anodized aluminum, which provides corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, temperature and chemical resistance.

Common Uses

Common uses for Metalphoto® include equipment nameplates, barcode labels, control panels, plaques & awards and architectural signage.  It can also be used for Keepsakes to commemorate life’s milestones…weddings, anniversaries, graduations, births and deaths. Clubs and organizations can capture the essence of a community working together with plaques for gardens, benches, playground equipment and more. Click here for more information on Metalphoto® from OWOSSO.

OWOSSO recently made a replacement Metalphoto® plaque for the Shiawassee River Heritage Bridge and it was recently installed. Thousands of people will walk across this bridge during the annual Curwood Festival which is June 1-4 in 2017. The entire city invites you to join us to “Rock the Red” for the 40th Anniversary of the festival!

Dedicated in 1984, the Heritage Bridge links Curwood Castle Park to the James Miner Riverwalk. This is a beautiful, winding trail along the Shiawassee River that connects the towns of Owosso and Corunna.


Pic of the Week

Our “Pic of the Week” is from Jim Hellman — William Shakespeare, Sonnet 75 (side statements from Song of Solomon, Chapter 4, verses 4-7 and Decorum, J.A. Ruth and Company, New York)

For The Bodleian Library, the university library at Oxford for their exhibit on the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.

Printed by Jim Hellman, The Ground Floor Garage Press
Illustration by Tim Ladwig

1st Edition 2017

OwossoJournal2017 1st edition

Our new website & on-line ordering is more user friendly than ever

If you’ve never used our on-line ordering, or tried it once and didn’t care for
it, please give it another look. Placing your order on-line streamlines the entire process for us, and YOU. We get the information we need to make your die and you can keep track of your orders, re-order the same type of die using different artwork, print out your order form, order Make-Ready Supplies and more.




Your handmade organic/natural soap, pottery and candles can make a lasting impression by debossing your brand name on your product with an Owosso Graphic Arts Acrylic or Magnesium Stamp. Owosso Graphic Arts Stamps are also a great way to customize your product with a client’s corporate logo, for baby and wedding showers, birthday parties, etc.


Because Owosso Graphic Arts stamps are either milled on a CNC machine (Acrylic) or chemically etched (Magnesium) you can get creative with the design, but you will want to keep your design simple. Small intricate areas will not etch or mill very deeply to give you a nice clean impression on your product.

You’ll want to keep these things in mind when designing your artwork:

  1. Artwork color – We need 100% K (black) artwork. And we prefer all vector art, especially for the Acrylic stamps, where vector art is a MUST.
  1. Line Thickness – The weight or thickness of “lines” in your artwork, for a number of reasons, needs to stay on the heavy side. When etching your stamp, thin lines will etch down a tad smaller that in your art and won’t give you a noticeable impression. And the same applies to Acrylic (CNC machined) stamps.
  1. Text Size – Again, to have your design stamp nice and clean; keep your text (font style) simple. You can have a more “Stylish” font style, but the same rule applies as line thickness. Some font styles have thin lines, so you will want to stay on the larger side. Plus, small text won’t etch deep enough to give you good impression when stamped on your product.
  1. Size – Yes size does matter, when you are working with a bar of soap, small round candles or small pottery pieces for example. You will, of course, want your design to stand out when stamped on your product. A simple bold design will stand out and give a clean look.


  1. Position the stamp gently on your bar of soap, candle or clay and lightly tap the stamp.
  2. Carefully lift your stamp up and off your product. You will see a beautiful clean impression on your product.
  3. That’s it, you’re done!

Easy right? With proper care your stamp from Owosso Graphic Arts can be used over and over. To order please visit our website:


How to Store and Recycle Your Dies

How to Store and Recycle Your Dies


Storing Your Dies

It doesn’t matter what type of metal your die is made of — brass, copper or magnesium, they can easily be scratched or nicked. It’s recommended to store the dies in a foam envelope or bubble wrap and also to store them vertically versus stacking them on top of one another.


On the other hand, a good method for storing THERMAL KISS-CUTTING DIES is to drill a hole at one end to hang the die – picture a coat closet, but for dies! Hanging your dies avoids warping, but you can also stack the dies by taping a piece of cardboard over the face of the die. It’s best to avoid laying the stacked dies on a concrete floor, concrete has moisture, and moisture causes corrosion.


For embossing/debossing dies that have a counter die, it’s recommended to pin the counters to the die before storing them. If you just tape the counter to the die there is the possibility that shifting will occur and this will cause wear on both the die and counter. These marks will show up the next time you go to use the die if not stored properly.


Magnesium dies can corrode easily if the dies aren’t stored in a climate-controlled area. Spraying the dies with a cooking spray (i.e. PAM™) and keeping them in a zip-lock storage bag will help prevent corrosion. If your dies are Teflon® coated with OWOSSO Release Coat this will protect the dies from corrosion as well.


Recycling Dies

A common question we receive is: “Can I send my dies back to you to recycle?” 


Honestly, the expense of shipping your dies back to us would cost more than the recycle value. Most likely you have a scrap dealer in your area that would be happy to recycle your dies. Don’t expect to get rich, but at least you know you’re doing the right thing! As of this writing we are receiving $.90/pound for brass, $1.36/pound for copper and $.26/pound for magnesium from our local scrap dealer.


Pic of the Week

Our “Pic of the Week” is from Richard Minsky:
Catalog of the exhibition
American Publishers’ Bindings on the Books of Amelia E. Barr 1882-1919
Collected and described by Richard Minsky

Cover adapted from the 1897 William Snelling Hadaway design for Prisoners of Conscienceby Amelia E. Barr. The center panel is archival pigment inkjet on canvas, then stamped in 23K gold on a Kensol 36T with a die made by OWOSSO.

Pic of the Week

Title:  Elegant Wedding Cards

Like it or not, wedding season is nearly upon us! I created some new cards in 2016 and printed them on my 1882 Pearl letterpress in this year’s most fashionable color: blush pink.

My “Mr & Mrs” cards have always been popular, but I’ve been feeling like the design (previously set in vintage lead type) needed an upgrade, so I designed these stunners featuring a beautiful modern calligraphy typeface! Pick up a set here.

I also wanted to created a new design that would not only work for weddings (and not even same-sex unions at that), but any joyous occasion—birthdays, adoption, engagement, graduation… you name it, this card works. Available in blush here, but I’m thinking of printing them in lots of colors… Stay tuned!

Kristin Joiner