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You guys made this copper plate for me a few years ago.

This was a "Thank You" recognition award presented to New Jersey Rock Gym
thanking them for providing the space for our Peak Potential program. This
program gives children with disabilities an opportunity to experience
something that would typically be out of reach, physically. With the help of
our volunteers, make for a remarkable and rewarding experience for each

The copper plate was etched by OWOSSO, then distressed by applying a
charcoal colored lacquer, then wiping off the surface with thinner, followed
by hand sanding the plate with a 400 grit sandpaper, and finally a clear
lacquer was applied to prevent tarnishing.

The plate was then mounted to the topside of clear plexiglass which gave a
floating appearance after being installed into a barnwood frame.

This is hanging on the wall at New Jersey Rock Gym. It gets lots of
attention, people are always asking how it was done! Nice going on the

Gregg at Lukasiewicz Design