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Thermal Kiss-Cutting

There’s just nothing like it! From fleet markings to self-adhesive alphabets, from delicate pin stripings to splattered-effect decals, from kid’s stickers to safety signage, thermal kiss-cutting offers a world of possibilities for the graphic arts industry. Also known as face cutting, or just thermal die cutting, this technique gives designers, screenprinters, and die cutters the ability to create products with complex designs and intricate details unachievable with conventional steel-rule cutting dies.

Within this section of Tech Tips you’ll find a complete overview of magnesium thermal dies for cutting pressure-sensitive vinyls, including:

  • Why thermal die use is increasing
  • How thermal dies work
  • How these dies are made
  • Some important considerations for designing and ordering dies
  • Cutting techniques
  • Die maintenance and storage recommendations

Our goal is to help you achieve the best results from your thermal dies.

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