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Thermal Kiss-Cutting – Why Thermal Dies?

Thermal Dies Offer Easy-to-Use Versatility

The market for thermal dies continues to grow both because they are easy to use, and the vinyls that thermal dies can cut have a wide range of uses. New pressure-sensitive vinyls are available for a broad spectrum of applications, including indoors, outdoors, underwater, low-temperature, and reflective, just to name a few. Vinyls truly have an endless number of product possibilities — from decals to pin striping to signage and many more.

Thermal dies can be quickly reproduced from computer files or file-line negatives. Because photoengravings are not made using labor-intensive manual tooling, thermal dies can be produced with fast turnaround, normally same-day, and lower costs.

Still, despite all the advantages of thermal dies, for some jobs they are just inappropriate. For instance magnesium dies won’t cut through paper or other materials that contain fibers.