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Thermal Kiss-Cutting – Storage

Thermal Die Maintenance
When finished cutting, it is best to remove the die from the press while it is still hot, gently prying it off (the hotter the die is, the easier it will come off). Take care not to let it fall face down. Before the die cools, use a natural-fiber brush to scrub off any residues. We recommend a tampico fiber brush, which can be found at most hardware stores. Dies are easier to clean while still at cutting temperature. To avoid magnesium corrosion, coat your die with an oil such as Pam™ cooking spray. Of course, this prevention is not necessary if your dies are already coated with OWOSSO Release Coating. Dies last longer when stored in a low-moisture, chemical-free atmosphere.

Here are just a few more tips to remember: Magnesium is a soft metal; it is almost impossible to repair. A good method for storing thermal dies is to drill a hole at one end for hanging. Hanging your dies avoids warping, but you can just as effectively stack your dies by taping a protective sheet of chipboard over the face of the die. The die will stay straight and not be damaged when stacked. Although the cutting edges are not sharp, they need to be protected.

So Go Get a Hot Kiss!
Following these general guidelines will help make kiss-cutting a joy, rather than a job. Don’t forget OWOSSO is always available for troubleshooting and free estimates. Vinyl manufacturers are also a great source for questions. And remember — there’s nothing like a “hot kiss!”