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Paper Embossing – Artwork Recommendations

Artwork is critical to the success of embossing and debossing. Some types of art are not as suitable for either process on heavy, textured stock. See the Paper Selection Guide for more details on choosing the paper that is best for your project.

Example 1=Bold & Thin Lines Combined

Thinner copy will not emboss as deeply as bold artwork. Combining both thin and bold lines in the same piece will yield uneven results.

Example 2=Screens and Fine Patterns

Example 2=Screens and Fine Patterns

Avoid images with a fine pattern in them such as a screen. These do not reproduce crisply as an embossing or debossing and usually look unintentional.

If you have questions about artwork, please feel free to call us anytime for help. Remember that checking with us before starting a job can save costly mistakes, time and money.