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Foil Stamping – The Substrates

The Substrates

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Understanding the foil stamping process and printing surfaces are the keys to avoiding trouble. It is a good policy to discuss the job in question with foil experts and with OWOSSO! Use the paper selection guide included here as a reference.

Substrates: Papers, Plastics, etc.
While foil stamping is an extremely versatile application, please be aware that not all substrates will readily receive and adhere to all foils. Some foils are designed for specific substrates. Heavily-inked or heavily-coated sheets are not porous enough for some foils to adhere properly. Plastic coatings and varnishes can prevent successful foil transfer to the paper, causing blisters. Consult your foil expert — there are a variety of solutions available.

Wax-free inks and varnishes are recommended for foil stamping. If you do use a coated stock, tests should be made prior to the production run. Stamping surfaces with large solid areas with fine type may cause considerable trouble, due to the fact that solids need more pressure and dwell time, whereas bolder type needs less pressure and dwell. Good make-ready is a must. Sometimes splitting runs achieves the best results.