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The Letterpress Depot

“Great Art for a Good Cause: Local arts nonprofit The Letterpress Depot launches fundraising campaign to make the Englewood train depot new”

DENVER – On May 1 Denver arts nonprofit, The Letterpress Depot, launched their first major fundraiser to reimagine a historic 1915 train depot in the suburb of Englewood and transform it into a regional hub where students, artists, designers, printers and neighbors can come for inspiration, hands-on experience and, most importantly, discover the fun of letterpress printing.

The Denver launch party and subsequent Indiegogo campaign has raised $25,371 in ten days from a 165 individuals and businesses – 28% of the total goal of $70,000 with just over two weeks left. The campaign boasts an incredible assortment of prints and art produced by international artists and well-known letterpress printers including Tom Parson, Jason Wedekind, Brad Vetter, Firecracker Press, and the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. Workshops with Star Shaped Press’s Jennifer Farrell and Brad Vetter are also available. All proceeds from the campaign will go towards critical repairs and renovations to the Letterpress Depot’s future home.

The Letterpress Depot has a unique vision to create a “working museum” where visitors will have complete hands-on access to the organization’s vast inventory of traditional letterpress equipment and type – fifteen presses and two thousand cases of type – to allow the community to continue to preserve, reimagine and redefine this beautiful art form for future generations.

“You won’t find anything behind glass here,” says Tom Parson, Executive Director of the Letterpress Depot. “I have thousands of fonts of metal type, a large library and 15 presses. All of this should go somewhere and I want it to belong to you.”

“I teach typography and design to college students and incorporated letterpress printing as part of our curriculum since it is really important in helping students understand the foundation of typographic design,” says Peter Bergman, Board President of the Letterpress Depot and Assistant Professor of Art in Communication Design at Metropolitan State University of Denver. “Many of my students have gotten really into it and have produced sophisticated and complex projects. But, once they graduate their access to the equipment is cut off. It would be really great for them – and the entire creative community in the region – to have a place to go where they can have access to equipment and experienced printers who are there to help them realize their projects”

Funds raised will go to reconstructing the exterior wall to the basement, building an ADA accessible entrance ramp, installing an ADA accessible bathroom and completing electrical, plumbing and HVAC work. Once the work is complete, visitors and community members will be able to learn from master printers and book artists – many of which are on the Letterpress Depot’s board – through a roster of workshops and classes. The Letterpress Depot will offer a full range of educational programming for all ages and skill levels – there will be something for everyone from beginners to master printers.

The Letterpress Depot is located in Englewood, Colorado and is a 501c 3 non-profit with passionate volunteers and an active board of dedicated artists, printers, designers, creative professionals, librarians, writers, thinkers and makers.

“The Depot is going to provide something that doesn’t exist in this region. It’s a place where people can come and print, learn and study and that, to me, is what keeping this letterpress art alive is all about,” says Jason Wedekind, Board Vice President and Founder of Genghis Kern. “It’s sharing. It’s making. It’s getting our hands dirty. And I’m really looking forward to being able to do that in one central location.”

The Letterpress Depot is located at 675 West Dartmouth Avenue, Englewood, CO.