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How to Store and Recycle Your Dies

How to Store and Recycle Your Dies


Storing Your Dies

It doesn’t matter what type of metal your die is made of — brass, copper or magnesium, they can easily be scratched or nicked. It’s recommended to store the dies in a foam envelope or bubble wrap and also to store them vertically versus stacking them on top of one another.


On the other hand, a good method for storing THERMAL KISS-CUTTING DIES is to drill a hole at one end to hang the die – picture a coat closet, but for dies! Hanging your dies avoids warping, but you can also stack the dies by taping a piece of cardboard over the face of the die. It’s best to avoid laying the stacked dies on a concrete floor, concrete has moisture, and moisture causes corrosion.


For embossing/debossing dies that have a counter die, it’s recommended to pin the counters to the die before storing them. If you just tape the counter to the die there is the possibility that shifting will occur and this will cause wear on both the die and counter. These marks will show up the next time you go to use the die if not stored properly.


Magnesium dies can corrode easily if the dies aren’t stored in a climate-controlled area. Spraying the dies with a cooking spray (i.e. PAM™) and keeping them in a zip-lock storage bag will help prevent corrosion. If your dies are Teflon® coated with OWOSSO Release Coat this will protect the dies from corrosion as well.


Recycling Dies

A common question we receive is: “Can I send my dies back to you to recycle?” 


Honestly, the expense of shipping your dies back to us would cost more than the recycle value. Most likely you have a scrap dealer in your area that would be happy to recycle your dies. Don’t expect to get rich, but at least you know you’re doing the right thing! As of this writing we are receiving $.90/pound for brass, $1.36/pound for copper and $.26/pound for magnesium from our local scrap dealer.