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Picture Of The Week: Bess of 622 Press

Bess of 622 PressWhile I’ve spent hundreds of hours over the years designing and producing custom invitation suites for weddings and parties, I realize not every event has the budget or timeline necessary for bespoke invites.

However, I believe more casual events deserve special stationery too, so I created the first several designs in a new line of fill-in invitations. Perfect for a dinner party, kids’ birthday, or casual shower, these flat letterpress invitations feature space to write in the details and are available in six designs—with more to come.

My favorite designs (pictured here) incorporate extra-special elements. First, special materials: I’ve had great success lately letterpress printing white ink on kraft paper and I love the results! Other invites feature handmade elements: one a hand-painted watercolor ombre background, while the other’s polka dots were carved by hand before being letterpress printed in baby blue ink. (And the latter has matching coasters available as well! [LINK:] )

These and other designs are available at