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1st Edition 2017

OwossoJournal2017 1st edition

Our new website & on-line ordering is more user friendly than ever

If you’ve never used our on-line ordering, or tried it once and didn’t care for
it, please give it another look. Placing your order on-line streamlines the entire process for us, and YOU. We get the information we need to make your die and you can keep track of your orders, re-order the same type of die using different artwork, print out your order form, order Make-Ready Supplies and more.

1st Biannual 2014

1st Biannual 2014Featured: Happy 65 Years!

The year, 1949—when the minimum wage was $.70 per hour and a new car cost $1,420. This was also the year that Ken Bentley founded Owosso Graphic Arts.

Mr. Bentley saw an opportunity when he discovered that our local newspaper couldn’t publish photos with late-breaking stories—they just couldn’t get a photoengraving in time. So he borrowed some money from his mother, bought a photoengraver’s “how-to” kit and set up shop right next door.

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2nd Biannual 2013

2nd Biannual 2013
Featured: OWOSSO 3D Mold Dies

What’s All the Buzz? 3D Emblems — they go by many trade names, but whatever the name we can make the die!

Generate a buzz by providing these ecofriendly, flexible emblems. They adhere to a wide range of materials from metal to fabric. You’ve probably already seen them on autos, electronics, appliances, machinery and special promotional pieces. Call or e-mail for a sample of “What’s all the Buzz.”

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1st Biannual 2013

1st Biannual 2013Featured: Flexo Printing Plates

You know how flexible OWOSSO is—that’s why you like doing business with us! We’re happy to introduce our latest service: Flexographic Printing Plates.

These should not be confused with photopolymer plates for letterpress printing—we still think magnesium or copper is the way to go for letterpress.

Flexography (often abbreviated to Flexo) is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plate. The process was originally called aniline printing because of the aniline dye inks that were first used in the process. Coarse surfaces such as corrugated board and stretchy films can economically be printed only with this process. Flexography leaped into prominence with the introduction of cellophane as a packaging material.

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1st Biannual 2012

1st Biannual 2012Featured: Revamping Online Ordering System

We took hundreds of suggestions from our customers and revamped our online ordering system to make your ordering experience with OWOSSO even better. As a registered customer you will also have access to our “forum” where you can seek help on a project from us or other customers or simply leave a comment.

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