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Tech Tips

This section of our website is designed to keep you informed of helpful hints that we’ve learned throughout the years. Our experienced staff is eager to share their expertise with you.

Here you’ll find an in-depth look at three key processes -- Paper Embossing, Foil Stamping, and Thermal Kiss-Cutting, including specific details about:

• How the Process Works
• Metal Specifications
• Make-Ready
• Storage Recommendations
• Troubleshooting

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Protecting your Magnesium Dies

Magnesium dies can last indefinitely when stored properly.  Most any soap or detergent can be used to clean the dies, as long as all of the chemicals are removed from the die and the die is dry when stored. The number one goal is to remove or reduce oxygen to the die as it contains moisture which will start the oxidizing process. A light coating of a food grade oil (i.e. Pam) will aid in the protection of the magnesium dies, along with packaging them in a re-sealable bag. Another option is to place a Silica Gel packet or cube in a re-sealable bag along with the die. Silica Gel desiccant is a highly porous silicon dioxide, it binds water molecules and draws it away from any material.