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Brass Dies

OWOSSO offers a full line of dies for multi or single level embossing; multi or single level debossing; and multi or single level combination foil/embossing; foil stamping and 3D Mold Dies. You can rely on OWOSSO for the total solution to your entire die needs - brass, copper or magnesium. And, as always, OWOSSO provides the same high quality dies and customer service that you expect.

The types of engravings for embossing and foil stamping products varies as much as the types of paper used. Brass dies for embossing and foil stamping include a range from simple flat stamping foil images to multi-level, sculptured designs. Brass is a superior material for both machine work and hand sculpting. It is the best choice for combination foil stamping and embossing designs.

The process of making a sculptured embossing/combination die begins with the customer and engraver in the design stage. Deciding what type of image they would like to create is part of the design stage. Terms like raised round, raised roof, deboss flat and many more are discussed before the die is started. These terms are used to describe the desired look the customer wants to achieve. The type of stock is a very important decision that is made in the design stage. Your choice of stock will have a great impact on how the foil, embossing or combination foil/embossing will look. Paper weight, thickness, color and finish all affect how the finished product will look.

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