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     As America’s largest brass, copper, and magnesium photoengravers, we have earned our extensive and loyal customer base by providing The Total Package – quality products, quick turn-around, competitive prices, friendly service, and a commitment to strong community values. We are also committed to using the most environmentally responsible practices in all of our manufacturing, disposal and recycling initiatives. Our customers depend on OWOSSO to deliver quality dies and service that exceeds even the highest of expectations. Whether you turn to OWOSSO for hot stamping, letterpress, thermal kiss-cutting or sculptured brass embossing dies, we promise to deliver superior dies that will in turn help you to produce the best possible products for your customers. For many, the first impression of our company is often the genuine, hardworking people who make up the OWOSSO family. It is this, combined with the lasting impression that our quality dies make that keep our worldwide customers coming back.

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